It's sort of funny that I've become evil!bitch!Justin!hater! Yeah, definitely funny. While it certainly doesn't feel good to be hated on by anyone, at least I can take solace in the fact that I can't stand the people who are hating on me.

I met some super cool people this past weekend. I had great times with a great friend, I swam in the Atlantic ocean, I cheered on both the Daze and the Knights at their events. However, I did have some disappointments. I chose to "speak out" on some of them and it's rubbed some people the wrong way.

Granted, these are people who get rubbed very easily. They are also people who think that everyone is out to get Justin. Poor guy. Good thing he's got folks like that on his side.

Let's get some things straight, though. I am not now, nor have I ever been a Justin hater. I think he's really fucking talented, he was born to perform, his CD kicks serious ass, he loves his bandmates and he works very, very hard.

This weekend, he thanked people for coming out and supporting CFTC, for giving their time and money to charity. And, yet, he failed to do the same. Yes, he did participate in the skills challenge and play in the basketball game. But he did not show up for all of the scheduled events. That ticked me off.

So, I made a sign. To be honest, the wording on the sign wasn't even my idea, but I thought it was brilliant. I won't say whose it was, of course, because then that person would get shit too. At any rate, my sign was double-sided. One side read: "JUSTIN, WE SUPPORT CFTC - DO YOU?" The other side read: "I PAID $250 TO BE A V.I.P. (VERY IGNORED PERSON)."

The party wasn't worth $250. It just wasn't. We were told it would happen one way and God help me, I believed it would. Call me naive, but that's not a crime. It's also not a crime to express my disappointment.

As for the Justin side of the sign, there were four parties over the weekend and he didn't show up at one of them. He may have been sick, but it still would have been nice of him to make an appearance. Chris had a head cold - heard straight from his mother's mouth - but still managed to attend.

It's pretty well known that I love Lance to little tiny bits and pieces. However, if he had been the one absent from all the parties, my sign would have been directed at him. For the record, I was pissed that JC left the skills challenge early and I was starting to be pissed when Lance didn't show up with the rest of his team for the second half of the basketball game (he eventually DID show, which is why I only started to get pissed).

Perhaps that means I'm too easily angered, but it doesn't mean that I hate Justin. Period.
Last October, I was hit by a bunny. It resulted in a lot of scribbles on the back of papers at work and promises to myself that I'd work on it. But it sat around for a long time, until [Bad username or site: @] announced her Understand I'm Satisfied challenge. I found a lyric that I liked and that year-old bunny.

Although it's late, I finally finished it. And I'm quite proud of it, too.

Inhaling Every Breath - Lance comes home

"It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. Or anyone.”

“Well, you’ve been busy, right? Like, you’re a real cosmonaut now, huh?” Justin finally turned around, a glass in each hand. He sat on the bed next to Lance and passed him one of the drinks.

“Yeah, something like that,” Lance said, downing his drink in one gulp.

Thank you to [Bad username or site: @] and [Bad username or site: @] for holding my hand. And to [Bad username or site: @] for the beta. :)
I love how gay he looks and sounds when talking about the network just for men. It's okay Lance. We know you're watching Trading Spaces with JC. Hee!

*right click and save*

Lickable Lance

Thanks to the East Coasters for the heads up.
I suck. I'm sorry I deleted my journal. I didn't want to, especially since I'd just done a big update-type post. But someone found the link to my journal and was reading things they should have been. I deleted it so they couldn't read any more. I don't think it's a problem anymore.
Ooh, long time no post.

My brand new computer is finally fixed! Whee!

Some presents:

*right click and save*

Christina and Justin on E! News Live 6/3/03

Christina and Justin on TRL 6/4/03

Please feel free to share. Send to friends, upload to your own webspace, link to this post. But no direct linking to the files. Thanks. :)
Sorry for the crappy quality. It's because of my copy of the tape. It had never looked that bad to me until I tried to captured it. But I still wanted to share.

Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute JoLa moments from "Making the Video: On the Line."

*right click and save*


Happy Lance Month!
The files of Lance on HS are gone (gone!). Email me if you didn't get them and I'll send them to you. I realize that this new clip isn't of Lance and that's unfortunate as it is Lance month, but it's all I have captured right now. I just got back in town from vacation and I'm in the process of moving my computer.

Again, feel free to share these files, using your own bandwidth or by directing people here. I'd appreciate it if you could give me credit for this one, though, since it came from my own video camera. :)

*right click and save*

Joey outside of RENT on 11/11/02
I'm glad that everyone enjoyed the clips of Lance on HS. I really enjoyed making them and it's so much fun to share. :) Here's the clip from Thursday's show (again, no Wednesday, because it was pre-empted by a basketball game, ugh).

Please share with other people, but without linking directly to the clip. Gracias.

*right click and save*

Lance on Hollywood Squares 5/1/03

I really hope I got that link right on the first try. ;)
Woot! New computers with capturing software are lots of fun! :)

Lance on Hollywood Squares. I'm sorry that it's in WMV format, but the files were too big as mpegs for my little angelfire website.

*right click and save*

Lance on HS 4/28/03

Lance on HS 4/29/03

Oh yeah. I don't have clips from yesterday's show, because we got a basketball game instead. I was not amused.

EDIT: If you want the mpegs because you like higher quality videos or because wmvs don't work for you, hit me up on AIM (I'm milo6456 - very creative, that) and I'll send them to you. If someone's willing to host them, all the better.

Also, share and share alike. Email the files to people, send them over AIM, link to this post, upload them to your own server. Just no direct linking. Thank you. :)
HUGE thanks to [Bad username or site: @] for making this available. It's Justin and Christina talking about their tour on Access Hollywood. Justin is great in this interview; I love how he gets when they show the MMC clip.

*right click and save*

Justin and Christina - Access Hollywood 4/24/03
[Bad username or site: @] made a kick ass animation from the Ft. Lauderdale Celebrity show bootleg. I'd heard tell of this little incident, but I'd never seen it before. Big props to her for slowing it down and giving us all a glimpse at some great JoeC action. I'm posting it here cause she's friends locked, yo.

Right click and save in the format of your choice:


Happy Birthday Lori Beth!

Thanks for being so supportive lately. It's appreciated. I hope you have a great day today. :)
Lance was on a show tonight in Massachusetts called "Finding a Family." Thanks to Kristen on nsyncadult for the screencaps, audio, and transcript.


Please right click and save the audio:

Lance on "Finding a Family"

Hi I'm Lance Bass. After a long concert tour, it always feels great to come back home and spend time with friends and family. Unfortunately, alot of kids in Massachusetts don't have a family to come home to. There are over 3,000 children in foster care in Massachusetts and thousands of them are legally free for adoption. There are kids of all backgrounds, races and ages but they all have one thing in common, a desire for a loving and supportive home. If you have been thinking about it, maybe now is the time to adopt one of these great kids. You can make a huge difference in this world one person at a time.

EDIT: We now have the audio in one part, instead of three. Thanks to [Bad username or site: @] for putting them together.
You all must already be voting for Rock Your Boday on TRL, cause I can't get through. And, if you're not, why not?!

Heh, aren't y'all glad I came back?


I'm out. Ooh, Justin on the radio. It's a sign.

EDIT: 27 votes
Leave it to me to do something dramatic and then not even be able to follow through with it. It's not that I thought my journal would be deleted forever, but I did think it would be longer than one day. I guess I should start off by apologizing for my disappearance. I guess I realized people would notice that I was gone, but I didn't know they would be so concerned. Perhaps it seemed very sudden to everyone, but, in my selfish state, it didn't seem that way. Things have been building up for awhile and yesterday, they all came to a head.

I got into my previous fandom, Kate Winslet, when Titanic came out and she was a huge star. She was doing a lot of talk shows, she was on the cover of every other magazine, there was a lot to talk about. Eventually, though, that died down. It took her about a year to make another movie and she lived in England. We didn't "see" much of her and there wasn't much to talk about. I was a very active member of a messageboard at the time and it turned into a mess. People fought over the stupidest things and I had a really hard time holding my tongue (or my fingers, as it were). That sort of environment was essentially what made me find a new fandom.

It's my theory that kerfuffles are caused mostly by boredom. When there's nothing to talk about, we have to make our own entertainment. It's all the fault of the hiatus! Down with the hiatus! It's not as if the guys aren't doing anything, but . . . I don't know about all of you, but I got into this fandom because of *NSYNC; not because of Joey, Justin, JC, Chris, or even Lance, but because of what they are together. In this case, the whole is much more than the sum of its parts and *NSYNC has quite literally kept me alive in the past. I want that to be a good thing.

Yesterday, there was a kerfuffle. It certainly wasn't the first time it's happened in this fandom and it definitely won't be the last. Nothing that was said was directed at me, but it still hit close to home. I found I couldn't keep myself from getting into the middle of things and I didn't like that. The kerfuffle put me in a bad mood and the fact that it affected me so much made me feel even worse. When it gets to the point where I'm punching walls at work and barely restraining my self from yelling at people every time I pick up the phone, it's gone too far. I don't want the bad parts of fandom to be that important in my life.

Feeling out of control is never good. I didn't think I could prevent myself from being rude to people I don't even know. So, I chose the one thing over which I did have control. I deleted my journal to get away from the bad things about lj and things that bother me about it. In the process, I found out a lot about the good things. Many of you emailed me or left comments wondering where I was. I have to say that I was pretty overwhelmed by that. And, it may take me awhile to get back to you, but each of you will get a reply from me. Because you deserve at least that much.
I've just voted for RYB 24 times without once getting a busy signal. Are you all voting???


Go now!

EDIT: So, I got 29 in total before the line got busy, but I kept trying right up until 1pm.
Noooo! I don't watch TRL much, but I hear from a lot of sources that Rock Your Body was at number 10 yesterday. This is not right! And I once said that if Justin was ever in danger of falling off the countdown, I would vote and encourage others to do the same. I'm as good as my word (or something like that).

I actually do vote for Justin almost every day. I admit, there are days that I get caught up in work stuff and forget and then look at my watch at about 1:05 PST and go "damn!" But, I certainly don't make use of our 12 phone lines here at work every day.

So, everyone take the time to vote for Justin today. [Bad username or site: @] made some RYB icons with the TRL phone number to remind everyone. From what I understand of her post, they are free to take and share. It's all for the good of our boys. And, really, they're all our boys. So, even if Justin's not your favorite, pick up the phone between 3:30 and 4pm EST.

Here are the instructions:

Dial 1-800-324-5688 (as the icon indicates).
When Carson starts talking, press 1 to vote for your favorite artist (psst, that would be Justin).
Then press 5-8-7 for J-U-S.
Carson will say you're awesome and thank you for casting your vote.
Hang up and do it again. You can vote up to 3 times for each phone line.
Right. So, probably everyone and their dog will be doing this, but. I want to win, damnit! And I don't even know what it is you win, anyway. Oh well.

There's an Official Street Team for the Stripified Tour.

Everyone should check it out.

Okay, there. Maybe I've done my part. ;)
Yay! I like this survey!

[Bad username or site: @]'s Concert Survey (not including shows I'll see this summer):

*NSYNC - 10 shows

O-Town (heh) - 2 shows (one of which was a radio station concert with a lot of acts, but they were the headliners)

Britney Spears - 1 show

Lillith Fair - 1 show

Wow. I'm still boring.
I can't believe no one (on my friends list, at least) noticed it! During American Idol, they showed a Ford commercial with Kimberly Caldwell and Joshua Gracin. Kimberly's motorcycle breaks down and Joshua "rescues" her in his red Mustang.

But, that's not the important part. Joshua was wearing Lance's shirt! Yes! This one:

Except Joshua's version didn't have sleeves. I'm still looking for screen caps.
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