Jul. 23rd, 2003

It's sort of funny that I've become evil!bitch!Justin!hater! Yeah, definitely funny. While it certainly doesn't feel good to be hated on by anyone, at least I can take solace in the fact that I can't stand the people who are hating on me.

I met some super cool people this past weekend. I had great times with a great friend, I swam in the Atlantic ocean, I cheered on both the Daze and the Knights at their events. However, I did have some disappointments. I chose to "speak out" on some of them and it's rubbed some people the wrong way.

Granted, these are people who get rubbed very easily. They are also people who think that everyone is out to get Justin. Poor guy. Good thing he's got folks like that on his side.

Let's get some things straight, though. I am not now, nor have I ever been a Justin hater. I think he's really fucking talented, he was born to perform, his CD kicks serious ass, he loves his bandmates and he works very, very hard.

This weekend, he thanked people for coming out and supporting CFTC, for giving their time and money to charity. And, yet, he failed to do the same. Yes, he did participate in the skills challenge and play in the basketball game. But he did not show up for all of the scheduled events. That ticked me off.

So, I made a sign. To be honest, the wording on the sign wasn't even my idea, but I thought it was brilliant. I won't say whose it was, of course, because then that person would get shit too. At any rate, my sign was double-sided. One side read: "JUSTIN, WE SUPPORT CFTC - DO YOU?" The other side read: "I PAID $250 TO BE A V.I.P. (VERY IGNORED PERSON)."

The party wasn't worth $250. It just wasn't. We were told it would happen one way and God help me, I believed it would. Call me naive, but that's not a crime. It's also not a crime to express my disappointment.

As for the Justin side of the sign, there were four parties over the weekend and he didn't show up at one of them. He may have been sick, but it still would have been nice of him to make an appearance. Chris had a head cold - heard straight from his mother's mouth - but still managed to attend.

It's pretty well known that I love Lance to little tiny bits and pieces. However, if he had been the one absent from all the parties, my sign would have been directed at him. For the record, I was pissed that JC left the skills challenge early and I was starting to be pissed when Lance didn't show up with the rest of his team for the second half of the basketball game (he eventually DID show, which is why I only started to get pissed).

Perhaps that means I'm too easily angered, but it doesn't mean that I hate Justin. Period.

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