Apr. 1st, 2003

Noooo! I don't watch TRL much, but I hear from a lot of sources that Rock Your Body was at number 10 yesterday. This is not right! And I once said that if Justin was ever in danger of falling off the countdown, I would vote and encourage others to do the same. I'm as good as my word (or something like that).

I actually do vote for Justin almost every day. I admit, there are days that I get caught up in work stuff and forget and then look at my watch at about 1:05 PST and go "damn!" But, I certainly don't make use of our 12 phone lines here at work every day.

So, everyone take the time to vote for Justin today. [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] made some RYB icons with the TRL phone number to remind everyone. From what I understand of her post, they are free to take and share. It's all for the good of our boys. And, really, they're all our boys. So, even if Justin's not your favorite, pick up the phone between 3:30 and 4pm EST.

Here are the instructions:

Dial 1-800-324-5688 (as the icon indicates).
When Carson starts talking, press 1 to vote for your favorite artist (psst, that would be Justin).
Then press 5-8-7 for J-U-S.
Carson will say you're awesome and thank you for casting your vote.
Hang up and do it again. You can vote up to 3 times for each phone line.
I've just voted for RYB 24 times without once getting a busy signal. Are you all voting???


Go now!

EDIT: So, I got 29 in total before the line got busy, but I kept trying right up until 1pm.

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