Mar. 26th, 2003

When I opened my email this morning, I saw a comment about one of my songvids. I'm so happy that people are still enjoying them and especially that they're letting me know. But it also prompted me to go back and watch a lot of videos.

Of course, I "ooh"-ed over Roxanne's "Superman" and I squeed over Cat and Emily's "It's Raining Men" and many others. BTW, [Bad username or site: @] and [Bad username or site: @], when ARE those new songvids going to be released to the public?

But, then I had to go and watch [Bad username or site: @]'s "Good Riddance" and [Bad username or site: @]'s "That's When I Love You." Way to make me cry, guys! Again.

I'm going to bed. Someone wake me when the hiatus is over, please.
Why, yes. I am an awful, horrible person.

I just trimmed my friends list a little. It made me go "yeesh" but it had to be done. It's too much for me to keep up with. Mostly, I removed people who rarely post or people with whom I don't have a lot in common.

I hate to give myself more credit than I probably deserve by thinking people will be hurt that I cut them. But I know from personal experience that it stings a little, no matter how you feel about the person who does it to you.

I'm not trying to exclude anyone. Please don't feel like you have to cut me from your friends list. At the same time, if you want to cut me in return, I completely understand.

No hard feelings? I hope.
SO busy at work today. Which is good, you know, because busy means money. I guess it's always like this at the end of the month. But, hello. How will I ever get through my friends page if I actually have to do work, at work? Psh.

Ooh! I do enjoy a challenge. Strange that my bunny is for one of my least favorite pairings, but the ideas are churning already. Thanks to [Bad username or site: @] for organizing the Lance challenge. I'm certainly looking forward to July. :)

[Bad username or site: @] has some new Lance pictures up. One from last night. So, he did go to see Celine (and his boyfriend). :) There are also some from the LA Confidential party. Wow, with the red eye. That's pretty freaky.

I heard RYB, CMAR, and BMU on KIIS within an hour this morning. This makes me happy. :)
Does anyone really cook single-serving frozen foods in the oven?

Cause, hmmm . . . I can pop it in the microwave for five minutes and it's ready to eat. Or, I can wait for the oven to heat up and cook it for 45 minutes.

Ooh. Using my Britney icon from the lovely [Bad username or site: @].

EDIT: Yes, I can spell frozen.
I can't believe no one (on my friends list, at least) noticed it! During American Idol, they showed a Ford commercial with Kimberly Caldwell and Joshua Gracin. Kimberly's motorcycle breaks down and Joshua "rescues" her in his red Mustang.

But, that's not the important part. Joshua was wearing Lance's shirt! Yes! This one:

Except Joshua's version didn't have sleeves. I'm still looking for screen caps.

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