Mar. 17th, 2003

I seriously love KIIS. Cause they play this song every morning, within 15 minutes of me opening the internet radio. And it makes me smile. :)
I saw these girls being interviewed on E! News Weekend this morning. Brats. Yeah, if they're kissing in some private place and the paparazzi happened to catch them, then they could get pissy when people ask them about it. When they put it out there for public consumption in videos and performances, it's fair game.
[Bad username or site: @] asked for pictures of Lance wearing his cross necklace. I was more than happy to oblige and I thought some of your might enjoy the pictures too.

I have this thing about Lance and microphones.

A whole lotta bling in here. )
Once I started looking through my pictures, I just couldn't help myself.

Lance with more bling (and a few other accessories). )

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