Mar. 14th, 2003

I've had a pretty uneventful week and I haven't been around much. At least I'm working full time now. Still haven't been paid, but that's another entry, entirely. It's very strange sitting at a computer all day long at work. It really makes me not want to sit at one when I get home. I'm sort of eh about being online lately for that reason, I think.

Things are so slow around here. I'm going to try to leave by 3 today, so that I can catch Justin on Top of the Pops. I just figured out how to use our satellite TV last weekend and we have BBCA. Cool. However, I didn't realize that all that stuff was on eastern time. I went downstairs to watch it on Wednesday just before 6:30, but it wasn't on. Thank goodness for the guide. However, I can't tape anything, cause the satellite doesn't go through the VCR. Grr. And I couldn't make myself get out of bed to watch it at 5:30 this morning, although I did set my alarm. Imagine that.

Even though I haven't been much of a participant lately, I did hear the sad news. [Bad username or site: @] seems to be leading the fight to get the Celebrity Tour DVD released. Good for her! Everyone should help out.

Also, [Bad username or site: @] is wonderful and made some gorgeous scans of Justin in The Face magazine. Her post is friends locked due to bandwidth issues. So, I hope she doesn't mind me posting the pictures here. I made the pictures a little smaller for easier viewing, but if you want to see the full-sized scan, just click on the picture. All credit and praise goes to Bonnie!

the rest in here )
See? Get me started and I'm a posting fool.

Two of the guys I work with saw this picture on my bulletin board. One of them asked if it was New Kids on the Block. I told him I was just impressed that he knew it was a boyband. He asked where I'd met them and I said New York. Then he commented on how it must have been just a chance meeting. I said, "no, I bid on them." He said, "I won't ask you how much." I told him that would probably be a good idea.

The other pointed to Joey and said, "He was in The Barbershop." I asked him if he was sure and he said yes. But doesn't list Joey in the credits and I hadn't heard anything about him being in that movie. Has anyone seen it?
Finally read The Face interview. Interesting. He really plays the press well. No one can seem to figure out who he is. And that's pretty much all this article is about.

Although, we do learn that he had make-up applied to his butt cheeks, which doesn't sound like a terrible job to me. However, zit-popper, even for Justin Timberlake, doesn't sound all that pleasant.

I found these interesting:

"His dance routine in the 'Like I Love You' video came from Wade Robson, a former Michael Jackson choreographer and sometime resident of the Neverland [not Neverlance, as my finger seem to think] Ranch" --- really, now? Wade choreographed LILY? Cause I could have sworn it was Marty-who-deserves-blowjobs.

But with a little push [from Lynn], he made the open-call audition for a children's variety show in Nashville. In fact, he blew the judges away and was rewarded with a bit part in Season 6 of The Mickey Mouse Club." --- several thoughts here.

1. I thought he was the one who wanted to audition for MMC, not that Lynn pushed him to do it.
2. Bit part? Um, okay.
3. The way this is worded, it makes it sound like MMC was filmed in Nashville ("a children's variety show in Nashville"). They could have just meant that the auditions were in Nashville [were they?], but it's worded poorly.

Oh, and, in case you live on the west coast and haven't heard yet, CHRIS WILL BE ON STAR SEARCH TONIGHT, CBS, 8PM! Thank you to all of the east coasters who caught it and posted it in their journals. Much appreciated.
[Bad username or site: @] rocks, as always. She has mpegs of Chris on Star Search here.

He was hot. Short hair, growing back, no beard horns, soft spoken and gorgeous. The man is fine.

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