Mar. 10th, 2003

I've been away from the internet almost all weekend. Partly because I didn't have much interest in it (which is odd for me, really) and partly because my brother was home from school and using the computer most of the weekend. I'm at work now, though, in my new office, on my new computer. Oddly, it's been too busy to really type anything or to read lj. I say oddly because this is the first day since I've been employed here that I've worked more than three hours in a day and the first time I've actually been expected to do stuff by myself. Hmm.

I'm sorry if I scared anyone with my last entry. Yeah, my mom found slash and it was embarrassing. Mostly because of where she found it, but we won't talk about that. She didn't really push the issue, but we talked for a few minutes about what "that" was. I know that my face was red, which was more incriminating than anything I said. I just kept imagining my mom reading the word "cock." Or "hot, throbbing cock." Even better.
They're hiring five new loan officers here. So far we have Lance and Randall. I'm just waiting for Anthony, Alan, and Scott to walk through the door.

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