Mar. 5th, 2003

Like many people on my friends list, I've sat for repeated viewings of the "Punk'd" promo that [Bad username or site: @] so generously mpeg'd (heh) and shared.

I can't watch it too many times in a row, though, without wanting to just cuddle Justin and lend him the $900,000. He looks like such a normal guy, having a normal reaction. A damn-that's-a-lot-of-money-don't-take-my-stuff-who-do-i-have-to-kill reaction. Except that he doesn't look like he wants to kill anyone. Which makes me love him more.

So, since the promo at once fascinates me and breaks my heart, I have to supplement it with an mpeg of his Soul Train Awards performance. Cause he's fucking fantastic. The whole dance break? Where he grooves to the beatbox track and the whole audience fucking yells for him, cause who'da thought a white boy could move like that? Brilliant.

There are no other words. He gives me chills.

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