Mar. 3rd, 2003

Do you remember where you were last year on this date, at this time? Because I do. Not where you were (well, some of you), but where I was.

Lined up outside the Rose Garden. For the first show of *NSYNC's Celebrity Tour. *sniff*

Speaking of concerts, my Timberlera Stripified tickets came in the mail today.

There was something in the paper about Fred and Britney. Fred says he developed a crush on her and wrote her a love letter. I read that part out loud, to my Dad and snerked, "Are we twelve?!"

He replied, "No, if we were twelve, we would still be buying tickets to *NSYNC concerts."

Of course, I had a response ready. "Please, Dad. Twelve-year-olds don't even like *NSYNC anymore."

I am way more mature.

Still reminiscing about this day last year, I went through the archives of a mailing list on which I was active at the time. After the concert, I came back and wrote about it (with spoiler space, of course). It's all here, behind numerous cut tags.

seating )

the stage )

How I took notes and pictures and screamed my head off, I'll never know.

I never got around to writing about anything past "Up Against the Wall," because I'm slow. By the time I'd have gotten around to writing about it, many more people had already seen the show and were writing reviews of their own. So, I stopped.

song by song review (I thought their mics were *accidentally* on backstage, hehe) )

my soundcheck sob (literally) story )

*right-click and save!*

Sounds from the Portland, OR soundcheck (3/3/02)

Lance - apologizing for Riddle

Group - Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey (after Lance was asked whether he was really going to space)

Lance - answer to the previous question

JC - ". . . and you'll understand why when you see it tonight, honey" (answering a question about their favorite song to perform)

Joey - "He called you honey!" (after JC's previous comment)

Lance - "Tiffany" (Tiffany asked Justin to say her name, but JC wanted Lance to say it in his low voice)

JC - "Happy Birthday Dear World" (everyone in the room seemed to be having a birthday that day)

JC - finishing I Want You Back (Blues Version)
Kare's Either...Or survey

1.-- sweet or sour? sweet
2.-- sex or oral sex? oral
3.-- Joey or Chris? Joey
4.-- chocolate or vanilla? chocolate
5.-- BeeGees Medley or Beatles Medley? Beatles
6.-- cake or pie? cake
7.-- big and quick or little and long lasting? little and long lasting
8.-- hairy chest or smooth chest? smooth
9.-- paper or plastic? plastic
10.-- green or blue? blue
11.-- Justin or Lance? Lance!
12.-- matte or gloss? gloss
13.-- cats or dogs? dogs
14.-- Cry Me a River or Rock Your Body? Cry Me A River
15.-- Italian or Mexican? Mexican
16.-- happy ending fic or angsty ending fic? happy ending
17.-- basketball or football? (American football not soccer) basketball
18.-- MTV or VH1? MTV
19.-- NSYNC now or NSYNC then? then
20.-- chocolate with caramel or nuts? nuts

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