Feb. 28th, 2003

Gacked from everyone and their dog.

Timberlake to Go Gay


Justin Timberlake is set to explore his feminine side
on American TV - in hit sitcom Will & Grace. TV
executives have written the gender-bending script
especially for the pop hunk, ex-boyfriend of sexy
singer Britney Spears. In the award-winning comedy,
the 'N Sync frontman will play a scheming gay gigolo
who steals the heart of flamboyant Sean Hayes's
character Jack, and swindles him out of money. The
22-year-old singer reportedly plans to donate his
$50,000 paycheck from the show to an AIDS

Can I get a woot! Justin on Will and Grace? How fabulous is that? Somehow, I'm imagining his On the Line make-up artist character. I can't wait! This had better be for real.

Someday I promise I'll post something besides TV news in my journal.

Oh, wait. Look at my new lovely Justin icon from [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]. That's something else, right?
I happened to be out paying bills and other lovely things when 12:30 rolled around today. I've already used far too many of my cell phone minutes on busy signals, so, by TRL voting time, you could find me at one of seven pay phones along Beaverton Hillsdale Highway.

Just for your information (and I suppose this mostly applies to Portland people), one of the pay phones in front of Fred Meyer cuts you off on every other call. And, if you're standing in front of Safeway for 15 minutes with a pay phone to each ear, trying to dial both at the same time, people are going to look at you funny. Go figure.

Anyway, I managed to log 11 votes for JC, which is my record so far, since I'm usually limited by having only one line and my cell phone. All of those were in before 12:45. I didn't get any in at all after that. Has anyone else noticed that it's really tough to get through in the last 15 minutes of voting? I didn't stop, though, I stood there in the cold and rain and dialed until I thought my little, frozen fingers were going to fall off.

I really like this part-time work schedule, but I just hope I don't get to used to it. We're supposed to be in the new office building next week, which will be really nice. My own space! My own desk! My own computer! My own phone!

Speaking of phones, Brian took me over to the new office to look at the work that had been done. He told me about the new phone system. 15 lines! I swear, the first thought that went through my head was, "that's 45 TRL votes!"

Yes, I am crazy, thanks for asking.
milo6456: i don't hate justin . . . sometimes i want to, but i know i'll never be able to
milo6456: because every time i get pissed about something, he does something wonderful, like agree to donate his 50,000 w&g salary to charity
milo6456: but that's beside the point
milo6456: yes, if justin was the underdog, i would be rooting for him and voting for him just like jc
milo6456: the fact is, though, that justin doesn't need my help
milo6456: if i got in one vote a day or none at all for justin, he'd still be in the top five
milo6456: if he was slipping off the countdown altogether, you bet your ass i'd hop on the phone and encourage other people to do the same
milo6456: i love all my boys

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