Jan. 29th, 2003

According to Todd Newton, I'm 19. Okay.

On this morning's E! News Live, which is just a repeat of last night's, he and Giuliana reported on a story in the upcoming US Weekly: "Britney's Fighting Words."

Apparently, Britney will be releasing a song later this year, called "Club Song." Some sample lyrics, provided by E! News Live:

"Playing me publicly,
twisting the story,
see, made it the
talk of the town."

"I've also got the
ability to open my
mouth - you don't
want me to tell
the truth."

"My little secret
about you, you
sure you want me
to play too?"

Once I stopped laughing, I decided this might be a good fic reference site to have bookmarked.
Today I was not allowed to go to work because my Criminal History Registry paperwork was not sent in on time. Today they laid off policemen and released criminals (many of them repeat offenders) from prison.

This year the school year has been shortened by nearly a month. This year, teachers' salaries will be cut, some by as much as 12%. And people wonder why I don't want to be a teacher.

Now, 8000 elderly and disabled people will lose their medical benefits.

And people wonder why I don't want to live.

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