Jan. 19th, 2003

It's been a productive day. And that's probably sarcasm. I haven't even changed out of my pajamas. But I finally hooked up the DVD player that I got for Christmas.

And I watched that *NSYNC most requested videos DVD. Could the insert art be any worse on that thing? It was nice having all of those videos, crystal-clear in one place, though.

I liked the stuff they had on there, but I wish it had included their old videos too. Is that some sort of legal thing between Jive and BMG? Speaking of legal things, the VMA performance of Pop cut off right before Michael Jackson came out. I saw that coming about twelve miles away.

If nothing else, I wish they'd put the Spanish version of Gone on there. Cause the video is significantly different than the English version. More so that TIPY.

I also watched some of the bonus features on my Back to the Future trilogy DVDs. Maybe one of these days I'll get around to watching the movies.

All this while cutting out magazine clippings. I told you. me=productive *rolls eyes*

Oh, and I made Rice Krispy Treats tonight. I saw the box of cereal and just had to do it. Too bad they turned out rock hard. Guess I shouldn't have used the open bag of marshmellows that had probably been sitting in the cupboard for months. Ew.

I wish I could have spent the day writing this fic that I've been kicking around in my brain for at least three weeks. But I think I'm afraid. At least while it's in my head, I can keep it alive, but, I mean, what if I start to write it down and it dies? That would be no good. Maybe I should stop kicking it.


Jan. 19th, 2003 09:19 pm
I must give credit where credit is due. The phrase "moment of awed, lust-filled silence" (and I hope I got it right), as far as I know, originated with [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] and is typically used when referring to Justin drinking things. But when I saw this great screencap that [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] made, I knew it had to be an icon. Cause, look. Justin. And Lance. JustinandLance. And Justin is so in awe. I do love me some Lambs. I've been meaning to GIP it for about a week now.

I wish my photo program didn't make the text so blurry. Blah.
HAHAHAHA! I get spam emails all the time. Things about XXX nude girls and enlarging my penis.

But, I do believe this is the first time I've been directed toward a clitcam by an AIM user:

krissycakes1120: Hey whats up :-) heres that link to my webcam I told you about My webcam

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